Repeat History Restoration, LLC offers comprehensive services to clients at all stages of the home restoration process. We help our clients connect with excellent restoration opportunities, understand their investment, and achieve their dreams. Explore what we can do for you below.
From Greek Revivals to Classic Victorians, Repeat History Restoration has decades of experience in the Boston, Massachusetts region, taking older homes and returning them to the spectacular, livable showpieces that they once were. Working with architects and historians, we are able to take even the most neglected properties and resurrect them to masterful, award-winning homes with all the comforts of modern amenities. Our expertise includes, but is not limited to:
  • Horsehair plaster restoration
  • Restoration of natural woods
  • Fabrication and installation of granite, marble, and corian
  • Restoration of stained glass
  • Interior and exterior surface painting
  • Electrical and network wiring
  • Waterproofing and repair of water damage
  • Stonework, tilework, and masonary