Repeat History Restoration, LLC offers comprehensive services to clients at all stages of the home restoration process. We help our clients connect with excellent restoration opportunities, understand their investment, and achieve their dreams. Explore what we can do for you below.
One of the greatest challenges of owning a restored property is the energy, time, and expense it requires to keep the home in its best possible condition (and to avoid having to restore it again!). Unlike new properties, restored homes often contain materials and adornments no longer used in the construction industry. Knowing how to repair, maintain, and possibly replace these items requires specialists with a deep understanding of the materials and processes that went into homebuilding decades and centuries ago.

Repeat History Restoration works with many clients to keep their restored, historical homes in the best possible shape while preserving as many of the materials and much of the design integrity as possible. Whether it be interior and exterior preparations for paint and stain, specialty paint and stain application techniques, patching masonary and horsehair plaster, or repairs to adorments like corbels and railings, Repeat History Restoration can provide specialized, knowlegeable maintenance for your home.