Hutchings Street
Roxbury, MA
This property is an Arts and Crafts style home built in the 1930's. There was extensive fire damage and neglect to the home when we acquired it.
The porch fire had destroyed an extensive section of the shingles, roof overhang, and siding, as well as left a fair bit of water and smoke damage to the interior of the home.
We kept as a goal to restore what was left of the home and blend the new materials in seamlessly.
The original stucco on the home had never been painted. Extensive staining and discoloration was visible all over the home's exterior from this neglect.
A complete repainting with a 7-color palette (including one color called "Roxbury Carmel") brightened the home up tremendously. This home was featured in the Boston Globe in 2001 as "Home of the Week" in an article entitled "Roxbury condos true to period detail."